Rhythmaddix Presents DJ Payday's Analog Samples Vol. 1.jpg

100% derived from the Moog GrandMother processed through an Avalon Pre & textured according to DJ Payday's taste & imagination... it includes all original arps/melodies, various compositions & a few extra ideas to help inspire... this is a mono-synth so that means each chords was played indivdually to taste.
(10 Compositions, 19 melodies/arps with Modular changing textures & 4 Odd Bits/Atmospheres/SFX to chop/flip....all files are High Quality 32/44)

MASTER CLEARANCE GUARANTEED! Meaning if you place a record on a MAJOR LABEL using the sample(s), you will split the publishing, royalties, mechanicals, points & advance fees with DJ Payday fairly & Production (or Co-Production) must be credited to DJ Payday (CONTACT: rhythmaddixmuzikgroup@gmail.com if this is the case to handle negotiations). NO sample clearing hassles at all. If the sample(s) are used on any NON MAJOR LABEL platforms, you can do anything you'd like with them (upload to Soundcloud, sell the beat to indy artist, include on beat-tape, etc etc)